November 13, 2017


I spent a good part of last week sick in bed. I slept my way through my weekend only to be utterly confused on Monday morning when I thought for a split second that it was still Sunday (I feel like I didn't get to enjoy Daylight Savings Time ending at all!).

Being sick in bed is one of the hardest things for me to deal with, especially during the school year. I feel a lot of guilt for being away from work, especially because I have student teachers and kids who rely on me. Fortunately, my job's greatest benefit has been strengthening my immune system (being around kid germs is the best way to fight them off, if you ask me). I'll get seasonal colds but when I get sick, it tends to hit pretty hard.

This weekend was a lesson in healing and humility. A simple reminder to stop taking my health and well-being for granted. A reminder that rest is good. And a reminder that making yourself a priority is so very, very crucial. These habits are not easy to start, by any means, but sometimes you need a stomach bug to remind you of these truths.

And thankfully, after numerous naps, lots of electrolyte-filled sports drinks to re-hydrate my body, and plenty of old episodes of Parenthood (thanks, Netflix!), I'm on the mend and more grateful now than I was before.

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