November 20, 2017


Paper bags. Feathers. Yarn. Confetti. Crayola markers. Googly eyes. And lots of glue. The art table in my classroom was busy with kids scribbling and gluing, all creating various paper bag puppets during free choice. Some were aliens. Others made twins. And some made puppets that were most definitely anatomically correct (that's kids for you, right?).

As each kid proudly showed me their creation, I responded with oohs and aahs over each puppet. Sure, my reactions were a bit exaggerated (filled with a little extra enthusiasm and surprise) but I'm still amazed over their ability to focus and work with attention to detail.

Compared to last year, these kids have grown leaps and bounds. My once three-year-olds are now four and five. They've exchanged their baby faces for smiles with missing teeth. They're able to walk in line, engage in imaginative play with peers, and sit down at the carpet for longer periods of time. The growth I've seen in the few short weeks we've been together this year makes me excited for the year to come.

Last year was filled with prayers for patience and endurance. I had a tough class and it wasn't an easy year. I'm at the point now when I can look back with proud eyes and a grateful heart. These kids have grown up right before my eyes and I'm blessed to be able to see it firsthand.

Reflecting is a powerful tool and like the paper bag puppets now sitting in child cubbies, I'm grateful for the journal entries I have to track my own growth and development. These kids prove to me that a lot can happen in a year and that the hard seasons, the trials and growing pains are worth the smiles in the seasons to come.

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