December 18, 2017


This year, Christmas looks like...

Adding more little (fake) trees to my corner-shelf collection. 

Walking through neighborhoods, admiring all of the Christmas lights.

Foam nativity crafts for Sunday school. 

Making Christmas gift lists for friends and family.

Twinkle lights in the living room.

Supporting little shops and boutiques downtown (and lots of window shopping, too!).

Picking the perfect (real!) Christmas tree.

Puffy jackets and rain boots. 

Getting hugs from the kids in my class.

Getting a break from work and school (I'll take a couple weeks, even if it means I'll be working from home!).

Christmas music playing non-stop.

Baking with fresh cranberries.

Family time. And lots of it. 

Pulling out my snow boots, just in case.

What does Christmas look like for you this year?

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