January 1, 2018


Dear December,

This was the first year we picked out a fresh Christmas tree (the kind where they cut it down for you instead of picking one from a lot) and it was the perfect way to welcome in the month. As the rest of the country welcomed snow, many of the mornings here this month involved scraping the ice off my windshield as the sun came up. And even though it wasn't snow, the glimmer and sparkles on the frosty ground were the perfect accompaniment to my weekend walks.

The Advent season challenged me this year. Normally, I find myself excited and ready to dive into the Bible, re-reading through the Christmas story. Stress from work and life got the best of me, though. I found myself struggling to dig into the Word, even though I knew that's what I needed most. God called me in and His relentless pursuit softened my hardened heart just in time to celebrate His Son's birth.

I've been listening to Christmas music since Thanksgiving (a personal tradition of mine!) and this year's favorite song goes to Seasons from Hillsong Worship's latest Christmas album. It's the song that's worth listening to a few times and resting in the lyrics, if you ask me.

And if you don't have a chance to listen, just rest in these truths:

I can see the promise, I can see the future.
You’re the God of seasons, I'm just in the winter.
If all I know of harvest, is that it’s worth my patience,
Then if You’re not done working,
God, I’m not done waiting

That song continues to play in the back of my mind, through my earbuds, and at the base of my heart. If Hillsong United's song, Oceans, was my song of 2015-2016, then Seasons will definitely be the song of 2017-2018.

Aside from that, the kids kept me on my toes--with adorable kid-decorated frosting-covered cookie gifts, way too much chocolate (which was re-gifted to family who appreciates chocolate more than I do), and some germs shared that turned into a Winter Break cold.

December, thank you for the break from school/stress, the chance to catch up on sleep, hanging and photographing Christmas lights, cozy Black Friday bathrobes (worn for pajama day at work!), Christmas clearance shopping, and the time off for family adventures.

I cannot wait to see what 2018 has in store.  

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