March 5, 2018


Dear February,

This was one of the springiest winter months yet. In a bizarre, yet typical PNW fashion, we had a stretch of days with 50-60 degree highs and warm afternoon sun. The crocus and daffodils are starting to pop and there are even a few plum blossoms starting to bud, too.

Spring is coming.

February was a quiet month. I've developed rhythms and with those rhythms, I've had to challenge myself to break free of routine every now and then. Don't get me wrong, I love a good consistent routine and thrive off of it, too. But sometimes, just sometimes, I need to break free of that to remind myself that I'm not in control and that change is indeed a good thing.

So I'm looking for new challenges, even if they're just little things like a new path for walking, a new workout to try, or a new playlist to listen to.

Beyond that, I'm learning more and more about love and how I ultimately long for a someone who won't only be my best friend. Someone who supports. Someone who listens. Someone who encourages and challenges. Someone I can lean on in times of anxiety and pain. Someone who will accept everything that I am. And someone who lets me be that for them, too.

February, you were a short month (especially compared to how long January felt!), but a good one. You brought new books to read (Loveology was this month's read), watching Riverdale (anyone else seen that show?), looking for new volunteer opportunities in my community, and saving money for the future.

And alas, March is here and Spring is coming. 

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