April 30, 2018


Dear April,

I'm writing this letter to you and simultaneously scratching my head; April, you came around so swiftly! I feel like yesterday was just the end of March and yet here we are, an entire month later.

I pushed myself outside of my comfort zone by attending a conference for work and personal reasons. It was a powerful time to connect with people who share my love for children in the foster system and a clear reminder of why I do the work that I do. It was great to network and put my foot out there, which says a lot as an introvert!

If you looked through my photo feed, you'd scroll through photo after photo of spring blooms. I'm sure there's some deep message tucked inside that (newness? change? the idea of hope as each blossom opens?), but for now, I'm content with stopping my walks and runs with a chance to take in the beauty and seasonal changes around me.

It's crazy to think that I'm only a few short months away from summer (read: SUMMMMMMER!) and like always, the feelings are bittersweet. The idea of losing my classes of littles makes me sad, especially since most all of them are headed off to kindergarten in the fall. The sappy teacher in me remembers the tough moments, but savors the hugs, milestones, and laughs that they've shared with me.

April, thank you for showing me the beauty in the mundane, the fresh air after a spring rain, and re-igniting my passions and dreams for the future. You were a good one, that's for sure. 

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