April 23, 2018


Oh, fear. How we've had this long-lived relationship. You've been present in my life for as long as I can remember. I remember the way you popped into my head when I was about to play my viola onstage. Or the way you controlled every thought in my mind, telling me that I was going to fail right before a test or exam. Or the way you prevented me from speaking up at meetings or conferences because I didn't have anything "good enough" to contribute.

Fear, you've prevented me from living. You prevented me from so many opportunities beyond what I could even think of or imagine. You stopped me from pursuing and cultivating relationships and friendships, from deepening them through the form of honesty and vulnerability. Fear, you've been that lie that creeps into my mind and heart and always ends up speaking louder than Truth.

I'm done listening to you, Fear. I'm done letting you win.

I'm tired of delaying dreams, keeping my mouth shut, and living in fear's shadow.

I'm ready to move on, move up, and move forward. I'm ready to listen to Truth. To the Truth that tells me I'm loved, I'm free, and I'm forgiven.

The truth that will tell me that it's okay to put myself out there because I'm loved and accepted by the King. That it's okay to fail because failure is a stepping stone to success. That it's okay to eat (and enjoy) that cupcake or donut because life was meant to be enjoyed.

Truth, you win. And it's all because of Jesus that I get the opportunity to declare that.

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