April 2, 2018


When asked where germs go after they're washed down the drain, and a child quickly replies that they all go to California.

When kids tell you that she can't believe "oranges in Jell-O are a kid favorite." Five year olds are definitely not children, after all. 

When girls tell you that boys like girls with rings on their fingers. 

Or when kids tell you that stoves get hot, but not sexy hot. 

Or when kids whisper to you that their classmate is speaking nonsense.

When you know just how preschoolers feel: "I just want my teachers to think I'm cool."

Because they only think to look in the garbage after you sneak a piece of chocolate: "Look everyone! There's candy wrappers in the garbage can!"

When preschoolers teach you about Star Wars: "Dark Vader is the meanest guy in outer space!"

Sometimes preschoolers have a lot in common with you: "Well, I don't have a boyfriend!"

When kids have a hard time pronouncing their words: "You're so worm!" (aka warm). 

Because preschoolers know the way to your heart: "I think you're the best teacher and I like you."

When kids go shopping: "I know IKEA! My mom went shopping there and I got to play! They have food there, too!"

And when kids know your job better than you do: "Your job is to give us bandaids!"

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