May 28, 2018


Dear May,

The teacher in me thought you'd never come but now I'm pinching myself as I count down the number of days left in the school year (newsflash to myself: we're down to the teens!). It's crazy to think that in a few more weeks, I'll get to welcome summertime--but to be honest, I'm not ready for it yet.

This was one of the best school years I've had to date. I got to teach entire classes of kids who are headed off to kindergarten and I've loved being able to truly teach them as opposed to simply preparing them for learning. It's been fun to study and learn about chameleons, bees, forests, and elephants alongside them and I couldn't have asked for better groups of student teachers as well.

But they're all off to graduate (college students included!) and it'll be a bittersweet goodbye--I'm just hoping I don't cry as they sing their graduation songs.

Thank you for being sunshine-y during my dark weeks. Thank you for the weekend grilling days and mom and daughter shopping trips. Thank you for the chance to pull out my favorite denim shorts and tees. Thank you for giving me the chance to go running and find peace and enjoyment in hitting the pavement again.

And thank you for pushing me to try new (and scary!) things, too. More on that to come!

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