May 7, 2018


There's something about Spring that gets me in the mood for cleaning and organizing and purging. I've always been the neat freak in my family, escaping into the quiet of my bedroom to clean and organize. My family always jokes that if I'm cleaning my room, they have to as well since I'm also the most minimalistic, too.

After a rainy month of March, April came with tons of sunshine--even 80 degree weather!--and the chance to open up the windows and deep clean my room. A little straightening up and a lot of dusting later, I found myself with space to add a few more books to my shelves and some new art to hang, too. Sidenote: greeting cards and wrapping paper are my favorite budget-friendly things to frame!

I also got a new mini speaker to play music (the sound is so much better than my phone!) and a cute retro alarm clock as well--all this to help me put more distance between my hands and my phone. 

But this Spring's room refresh came with a need for an internal refresh as well. After finally freeing myself from a season of "blahhh" mode as I've told my friends, I finally feel like the fresh air has done my soul well, too. I've found the energy and determination to dig back into the Word on my own. I listened to this lie that I had somehow knew everything in the Bible and didn't put the much needed time into reading it outside of a daily devotional. Joke's on me, though! A little--or a lot of--humbling later, and I've realized that the Word is everything this girl needs...and more.

I'm going to dig back into my books at night instead of my phone and am hoping that a little reading, some fresh air, and a cleaner bedroom will help me rest at night and wake refreshed in the morning.

How do you refresh and rest?

Pillow - Paper Source
Letterboard - Letterfolk
Duvet cover - West Elm
Pink Bluetooth Speaker - c/o Wikibuy
Lettering Book - c/o Wikibuy
Alarm Clock - c/o Wikibuy
Frames - IKEA and Michael's
Ampersand - TJ Maxx
Ceramic Homes - Hearth & Hand for Target

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