June 25, 2018


Dear June,

I nearly teared up when graduation day came. I didn't think I would, but seeing all those parents tear up as I spoke about how amazing this class was got me. This year was such a good year. It was the kind of teaching year where I felt like I was finally teaching and creating and enjoying my class as opposed to counting down the days and continuously herding little cats (trust me, I had those days, but they were nothing in comparison to years past!). Is it weird that I'm actually going to miss these kids? I've never ever felt that way before and part of me actually wishes I still got to teach them this summer!

But summer is here. And truth be told, this summer is an odd one. Normally, I long for the days where I have zero agenda, but this year I'm finding myself bored already (and I'm less than a week in!). I've signed up to volunteer and have been chipping away at my summer to-do list, but I'm looking for new adventures and things to discover in July and August. Any and all suggestions are definitely welcome!

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