June 11, 2018


It's the beginning of June and I'm knee-deep in pre-k graduation madness. I've been signing preschool diplomas; printing off photos for school scrapbooks; buying dollar store decorations and tablecloths; making invites, slideshows, and programs; and ordering almost 200 sugar cookies from the store. And that doesn't include planning for the other school days, either. Let's just say I'm ready for summer to finallllly be here so I can take a moment to breathe.

But whenever I have a mindset like that, I end up living for the next thing instead of living for the present. That's not a bad mindset to have, but when I go down that road, I all too often end up losing myself to the goals and dreams of the future.

And I know God's been whispering that truth into my heart. That bittersweet feeling that doesn't want the school year to end is a whisper of truth to enjoy the kids in my class right here, right now. And to be grateful for the hectic chaos because it means I've got parties to celebrate and enjoy in the future (and a summer well-earned as well).

And so I have to remember that these goals and to-do lists are a means for a hard work ethic, but not necessarily the means to every dream and "good" life.

I want to be intentional with the time and seasons I'm in now, even if it's busy and hectic. Because if I don't take the time to enjoy it, I know that life will quickly slip away.

So for this chaotic season, that means spending more time listening to music, adding to my daily gratitude lists, and enjoying the time I have with my family, my friends, and my classroom kids because there's life to be lived.

And note to self: the to-do lists can wait.

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