July 23, 2018


If you ever take a look at my Amazon cart, you'd discover to see just how many things sit in my cart, waiting to be purchased. And if that bugs you, then you definitely don't want to see me Save for Later list, either.

I know, I know, it's a wonderful habit of mine. Being indecisive is a great trait, right?

And I also know what you're thinking: Just buy it already!

Friend, I feel your frustration with me. And to be honest, it's really made me reconsider and redefine commitment in my life and how I commit--and other times, waver--between different options, especially when it involves something new, risky, or scary (which doesn't honestly apply to my Amazon habits, but we'll save that for another time).

And it's really opened my eyes to how easily I let fear rule my life and my decision-making process. I let fear drive me away from people, experiences, and adventures because I lack the courage to fully commit to them and jump all in.

When new opportunities arise, I tend to let them sit in my mind, going back and forth before committing or responding. I weigh the pros and cons, write out lists, pray and worry and pray some more. And as time passes, my answer tends to move to no. Not because reality, insight, or common sense come in, but rather, because fear whispers in all the reasons why I shouldn't do it. All of the potential risks and potential outcomes that would not be in my favor. And typically it's seen in the form of a fear of rejection, disappointing others, or failure.

Lately, my nightly prayers have included asking God to help me seek Truth instead of lies and as I've prayed those prayers, some of the best truths have come the next morning. Whether it's quotes on Pinterest, verses like this one, or new songs from Lauren Daigle, I know that God's heard my prayers and knows exactly what my fearful heart needs to hear to dispel that fear and leave behind a heart that seeks Him and bravely steps out in faith.

So I'm choosing today(!) to say yes to more adventures. And to make whole commitments, even if they are scary and even if I fail and make a fool of myself (because let's be honest, laughter, humility and imperfection are necessary traits in human beings). And to jump all in instead of fearfully dipping my toes in the water or pacing back and forth along the edge of the pool.

Faith over fear.

Faith over fear.

Faith over fear.

What are you stepping out in faith today?

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