July 30, 2018


Dear July,

You have been so healing and I am beyond grateful for the way this month did to fill me up again and bring me back to life. There have been so many evenings where I find myself repeatedly thanking God for the way He has been working in my heart and getting me out of last spring's funk.

Last month, I was plagued with boredom after only one week into summer and now I'm finding myself using a planner to keep track of it all. I've been in and out of meetings at church, sketching and designing (more about that to come!), playing music, working out, reading, and volunteering, too. Even though my weeks are filled, this busyness has been really good and therapeutic.

Typically, summers are empty and I'd use them as a chance to recharge from my busy school year obligations. But boredom can be a tricky place for me to sit in, especially when I'm in one place for too long. That's when I find myself getting inside my head and getting lost in thought just to keep myself "occupied."

Getting out of my head and into community has provided closer and newer relationships with those around me (especially my church family--which is an answered prayer from last year!) and opportunities to get out of my comfort zone and introverted shell.

Every new opportunity still takes TONS of prayer (hellllllooooo anxiety!) and it's not something that I'm always 100% comfortable with, but it's been rewarding to see God work in and through me as I step into the unknown.

So thank you July, thank you Jesus, and thank you summertime for making Summer 2018 one of the best summers yet.

I'm excited to see what August has in store!

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