July 16, 2018


The older I get, the more often I hear people saying that their life was nothing how they ever expected. I honestly believe it's the common thread in humanity. For better or for worse, rarely do our lives pan out just like we dreamed, envisioned, or imagined. And I know now that these surprises in life have less to do with our actions and failures and everything to do with God's presence in our lives.

And yet, this girl over here continues to try and weave her story into His. Praying for the materialistic objects or the life stages that are written in my draft instead of praying for His goodness, His grace, and His timing in His perfectly written final draft.

I have to remind myself (aka humble myself) and remember that I'm not the editor or co-writer. I'm the reader and He's the writer. And I have to be okay with letting go of that desire to know and control and trust that what He's written is good.

Because if I know He's been faithful and good in the past and I know that He never changes, then I can trust that He will continue to be good and faithful in my life in the days and years to come.

If we're being honest (which is the only thing I desire in this online space of mine), then I would tell you that I'm all too quick to forget His goodness. My human (selfish) heart is quick to assume that if He's not answering my prayers as I see fit, then surely, His goodness has fallen onto another plate and not mine.

When in reality, it's anything but the opposite of that lie. He hears my prayers. He knows what's in my heart. He does have goodness in store for me--just as He has provided in the past, but more importantly, just as He is providing in the present, too.  It's not about me trying to shift His plans to make them match mine, but about me shifting my perspective from the earthly view to His view in heaven.

My life is not about me, not about my wants and desires. It's about His plans. His Truth. And His faithfulness through it all.

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