August 6, 2018


To be 100% honest, I'm writing this post for myself. This blog has always been an online diary of sorts, a place where I document slices of my life with three goals: to share and cultivate community online, to remember and express myself creatively, and to bring Him all the glory through it all.

All that aside, I know that this post will be the written reminder I need to read and re-read in the months to come. I'm currently worrying myself crazy over an upcoming adventure (which I'll be sure to document and share when I get back!) but need to take a minute to remember why I'm going.

I tend to get a little caught up in my thoughts and all too often forget the reason and motivation behind some of my actions and goals. 

So I want to take a moment and remind myself why I decided to travel to begin with:

To push myself.

To go on an adventure.

To make the most of my life, right here, right now.

To satisfy the travel itch I've had all year.

To see His creation from a new location.

And to see a dear friend. 

In the craziness of writing and editing packing lists, double-checking flight information, and squeezing every piece of clothing I own into a carry-on (anxious, much?), my stress levels make me forget why I said yes to begin with. And I don't want to live life in this constant state of stress and anxiety.

Being in this stressful mode is not why I want to travel. And it's not why I think God's brought me to this opportunity to begin with. 

So today's post is a reminder that it's okay to say yes to new adventures. And that it's important to take a moment and remember why this experience made your heart skip a beat (with excitement!) when it landed on your lap. And most importantly, that you weren't made to live in fear.

You're made to live in His love. 

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