September 10, 2018


One of my favorite parts about summer is that I finally have the chance to enjoy time and life for what it is. I so easily get caught up in the hustle and bustle of the everyday tasks my classroom presents me that I forget about the person behind the job description.

And now that I'm embarking on my sixth(!) year of teaching, I'm eager to make myself more of a priority into the school year. To be honest, this is a goal of mine every year, with last year being the first time I consistently left early and made exercise (aka stress-relief) a priority.

This year, I want to make exercise, community, and creativity more of a priority. One of the things I loved most about this past summer were all of the opportunities I had to be creative and exercise a different part of my brain. Whether it was playing my viola at church or sketching out room murals and designs, this summer was cathartic on so many levels. It was fun to do work that wasn't work-related, so to speak, and it was fun to give back to a place that's become more and more of a second home.

This is likely my most proud moment, but guysssss. I was a little more social than normal this summer, too. To all you extroverts out there, my "little" will be minuscule to you, but for this self-conscious and anxious introvert, just stepping out and introducing myself to new people is a challenge in and of itself. But it was nice to get out of my house and not isolate myself--actually getting to know the people that are at my church and in my community as well--not to mention finally meeting Amy, too!

It does a brain, heart, and soul well to connect with others. 

So I'm writing this down to remind myself and keep myself accountable instead of sitting back in fear. I want to be more involved and connected at church and with those around me. I want my conversations with others to be more focused on listening instead of responding. And I want to make sure that people are a priority, not my anxieties and fears of rejection. I want to break out of my shell and force myself into experiences that may be uncomfortable at first, but that could create a place of comfort in the long run.

Lastly, I'm giving myself permission to simply enjoy life. To revel in the present moment. To sit back and take a deep breath every now and then. To find joy and keep finding it, even in the smallest and most mundane moments.

I truly believe that God created us to enjoy His creation, His resurrection, and His story that He's so carefully written for us. So here's to enjoying life, connecting with others, and diving into creativity through every season of the year.

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