September 17, 2018


photo credit:  the amazing amy!

"If you don't go out and look for it, how will you ever see it?"

That question is one that's gone through my mind on more occasion than once, but it's often seen in the context of hiking and outdoor adventures. I'm a huge fan of climbing up hills--much to my friends' and family's delight--and I always believe that the views are better from higher up.

So I climb higher. Hike longer. And run a little farther, just to see what's beyond the bend. And let me tell you, I've never ever regretted that decision. Because it's true, those views are so totally worth it.

But how often do I use that same curiosity, that same drive to look for His faithfulness in my life?

Truth be told, I don't; even though I know that I should.

I often walk with my eyes on my circumstances, not His faithfulness. I get so focused on fixing problems, striving to reach that next goal, or digging up the past to see His faithful work in and through me.

So here's to saying yes to His invitation to look for, seek out, and discover His faithfulness in our lives. The way He used a rejection to show you His love. The way He used blogging to bring you community. And the way He used hiking to show you His constant presence in your life.

Here's to looking at our lives through an attitude of gratitude and thanksgiving for the way He wrote our stories. Because giving thanks is always a hard yet extremely life-giving choice to make.

And to remember that that view at the top is always, always, always worth it in the end.

Keep looking. Keep seeking. Keep discovering, my friend.

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