October 29, 2018


Dear October,

You were an interesting one, to say the least! The school year started off a little rocky with fewer student teachers, completely new classes of kids, and a lack of breaks for yours truly, but things are thankfully starting to settle down as the kids and student teachers learn and adjust to the new routine and we all get to know each other a little better.

The weather has been fantastic (seventy five degree weather! chilly mornings! crisp air!). The leaves are changing. And the fall baking is in full force. I've been scrolling through my weather app anxiously awaiting the moment when I can pull out my pullover sweaters, scarves, and boots and actually wear them without breaking a sweat (especially since I spend my days chasing kids around on the playground!).

The biggest blessing in my life this past month was joining a community (life) group at my church. I've been praying for community for the past year and it has been the biggest blessing to have finally found a group of people who I not only get along with, but who I see myself growing with as well!

God's been working in my heart this month, too, specifically with change. I'm going to elaborate more on this in a future post, but I've felt like God's preparing my heart for change and it's been a test of trust and surrender each and every day as my humanity wants to try and figure out when/where/why/what this change may be.

Call it good timing (or God's timing), but October has reminded me once again that "fall reminds us how beautiful it is to let things go."

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