October 22, 2018


Back in 2017 (is anyone else having a hard time believing that we're nearing the end of 2018 already??), I shared some of my daily/weekly routines and rituals and it was a truly refreshing post to write. It made me not only reflect upon my priorities in life, but also the way I value intentions and consistency in my life as well. 

Well, since it's been over a year, I thought it was about time to update some of my routines--and share some of the new ones I've integrated into my life as well. 

// RISING EARLY. I still do this one, even if it makes me a twenty-something grandma (a title I proudly own!). The 5:15 alarm always comes wayyy too early, but it's worth every single minute. The house is still, dark, and quiet, and it gives me plenty of time to wake up slowly, savor the silence, and get some stretching/pilates/yoga in before the busyness of day-to-day life begins. 

// MORNING RUNS (DURING THE WEEK!). This is one of my new favorites. Going into this fall, I really wanted to make myself more of a priority and this has really distanced me from my workaholic tendencies. While I can't do it every single day of the week, I've dedicated a few days to go in on time--as opposed to an hour early--so I can go running beforehand. And while I don't run fast, it's the feet pounding on the pavement that starts me day off strong. 

// WEEKEND MEAL PREP. Still doing it and loving it. Over the weekends, I'll do some basic prep work (chopping veggies, washing fruits, cooking chicken, etc.), but each night after dinner, I make and assemble my breakfast and lunch for the next day to ease my morning routine just a little bit. 

// MORNING PRAYERS. Guyyyssss. This one has become SO vital to setting my days on the right foot. I started doing prayers after yoga/pilates in the mornings (and before I take a shower and get ready) and it's been so good for my heart, mind, and soul. I literally lay on the floor--in child's pose for all you yogis out there--and say my prayers out loud as worship music plays and my fan hums in the background. I started doing it when I felt a lot of anxiety creeping into my life and could just feel the weight of it build as the day progressed and it's been THE BEST THING EVER. I can definitely tell when I don't do it now because I feel tense and anxious as soon as I go downstairs so I know it's working. And to be honest, being in that pose of surrender has been such a strong visual for me to remind myself that I need to surrender to His will and His plans every. single. day. 

// MAKING MY BED. My teenage self would laugh at this one because I told myself I'd never make my bed again. But awhile back I read somewhere the making your bed in the morning is one of the best little victories you can have each and every morning. Because even if the day was horrible, you can at least crawl into a nicely-made bed each night. And honestly, that little chore makes a big difference!  

// FAMILY WALKS. Whether they're after-work walks with my sister, dog walks with my mom, or after-church walks with both of them, these are two of my most favorite routines. I love, love, love chatting and catching up with my family while getting some exercise and fresh air. 

// SOCIAL MEDIA BREAKS. This is one I really want to be better about, especially when I wake up in the mornings. A creature of habit, one of the first things I tend to do when I wake up is open up Email, Instagram, and/or Facebook. And honestly, most of the time, I'm mindlessly scrolling through my feeds as I lay in bed for a few more minutes. But I really want to be more intentional about how I wake up in the mornings and how I spend my time. So if you've got any tips, PLEASE let me know!

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