December 28, 2018


Dear December,

You've been a good one, December. I get wayyyy too nostalgic this time of the year (be prepared for a pretty thorough aka long year end's post in the next few days!) and it's been such a healing process to think back on 2018 and all that's happened this year.

This month was filled with Christmas music--playing my viola home, playing at church for Christmas Eve services, caroling with friends, and singing along to Christmas music in the shower, kitchen, and car. There's something about the traditional carols that hold so many memories, so much warmth, and so much hope inside their lyrics and notes. It's honestly one of the things I look forward to most each Christmas season.

December, you were filled with so many little moments, so many little memories that I know I'll hold onto for awhile. I tackled the Christmas lights this year (hence the ball of fire up above!) and it was fun to do it as the sun set, watching the lights illuminate the darkness. I probably ate a few too many Christmas cookies (but that's what Youtube workouts and morning runs are for!) and I know that I definitely got caught up on sleep this break, too.

All that aside, I'm excited to see what January holds! A birthday, for starters. But new beginnings. Fresh hope--hope that's rooted in Him, His birth, and His return.

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