December 17, 2018


One of the things I've wrestled with over the years is finding hope in areas of my life where I don't feel God working. And when I go down that road, I more often than not get bitter about the parts of my own life where I can see God moving.

Truth is--as hard as it is for me to believe some days--God is always at work. And it's usually in those moments when I feel like God's not working that He is working both behind the scenes and right in front of me, all at the same time (and I should also add, that that's when He's also doing the most work in my life, too).

This past year, it's been tough for me to believe that God wants to work (and is at work) in my singleness and relationships. And then when I so clearly see Him working in other areas of my life and when I'm distant from God, I get bitter instead of saying a prayer of gratitude for His faithfulness. And in that bitterness, I get frustrated, because it feels so "unfair" that God won't answer my prayers the way I want them to be answered.

But a podcast, some music, some prayers, and some time have revealed to me that His work in any area of my life is a testimony and is evidence and proof that my doubting heart needs to believe and trust that He's at work in every part of my life, even if it doesn't seem like it. 

My human eyes are limited to seeing what's right in front of me. And if it doesn't fit my definition or my timeline, sinfulness starts to creep in (especially in the sensitive parts of my life like singleness). But faith doesn't just come to work when life is easy--in fact, it's in the rough moments, the tough times when faith is strengthened.

God is at work always. He is faithful right here, right now. And He never disappoints us.  

And those are the truths I'm leaning on today, tomorrow, and always.

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