February 18, 2019


Sometimes life calls for a little change--or in this case, a change in hair color. I've wanted to try purple hair for a couple years now and I've always been interested in dyeing my hair and trying something new (because I'm the girl who's always had bangs of some sort and who has pretty much had the same hairstyle my entire life) but didn't actually bite the bullet until now.

I used some birthday money and a free Saturday morning to invest in myself and it was refreshing and life-giving in a way I never thought possible. The experience as a whole was so different from what I'd normally do. I like to describe myself as the antithesis of the salon/spa girl and I don't really enjoy people touching me, so I've steered clear of any massages and mani/pedis my entire life (and likely will for the rest of my life, haha).

So putting my hair in the hands of a--at the time--total stranger was a little scary, but it was something I knew I needed to do to practice letting go. I had a vision of what I wanted and I shared some of the many photos I had saved on my camera roll, but I knew that everyone's hair is different and had no idea what to expect.

While my hair lightened to the color of a Barbie doll, I took time to catch up on blog posts, Bible study plans, and the Magnolia Journal--taking photos of every step along the way. Those three hours were oddly peaceful, as my hair colorist and I chatted away, shared our faith and life stories, and I just enjoyed sitting in the peace in the form of white noise from the hair dryers nearby.

And when it was said and done (three hours later, since this girl's got the thickest head of hair ever), I was beyond excited yet also in disbelief that the purple was finally here. 

I shared the change on Instagram and FB because to most of my friends, it's completely out of character for me (and it wasn't something I shared/told others about, either). And while it's a pretty subtle balayage that will likely only last a couple months max, it's just the right amount of boldness and it's given me just the right amount of confidence and pizzazz to brighten up my life.

Because when all is said and done, there's no time like the present. And who ever said that change was a bad thing?

And now that I've done it once, I have a feeling I'll likely do it again...but maybe a different color next time? 

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