March 25, 2019


Dear March,

What a quick, yet slow month. We had snow in late winter this year, which led me to think that spring would never come. And the cold, the dark, and the dreariness of winter slowly entered into my heart, making it a struggle for me to find and hold onto joy.

To be honest, it felt like the days just came and went and nothing was changing--and it oddly paralleled how I felt about my life in general. The monotony of my routines didn't help, either. And I found myself in a holding pattern of sorts.

But just like that, Spring began, the days got longer, and the weather got a little warmer, too. And the sunshine (and a podcast!) reminded me that I reap what I sow. And if I desire change, progression, and newness, then I've got to plant the seeds that allow for that. So instead of planting fear and anxiety, I've decided to start planting seeds of hope and courage, even if that means just little steps of faith in the right direction.

I don't talk much about work on here--mostly because I can't for confidentiality/privacy reasons, but also because I don't want it to define who I am. But in a nutshell, it's a very demanding yet rewarding job. Typically by the end of each term, I am worn out and longing for some rest and rejuvenation. Teaching preschoolers, serving kids and families with a wide range of needs, and mentoring/instructing college student teachers makes every day exciting, but it requires a great deal of empathy, energy, grace, and patience (which I cannot come up with on my own).

March, you made me realize just how much I need to speak my needs, ask for help, and just leave the classroom for my own sanity. And it's made me grateful for breaks and even more excited for summertime.

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