April 29, 2019


Dear April,

You have been so, so, so good to me. 

The rain taught me to find gratitude and joy in life--and to change my perspective, too. After days upon days of rain and wet weather, my frizzy hair and wet pants and muddy shoes had had enough. But God so graciously reminded me that rain is for refreshing, sustaining, and cleansing life.

And then there was a ten mile hike, last-minute movie plans with friends, deep conversations, Easter preparation, music rehearsals, eating ice cream in the sunshine, cookie-baking, playing tag with preschoolers, morning runs, summer planning, shopping with my mama, reading in the hammock, and so many other fun adventures and friendship-building experiences that topped it all off.

I'm finding more and more just how much I enjoy and loooooove my friends and church community. and I realize this isn't something that everyone has because it's not something I valued or took the time to invest in in the past. My introverted, people-loving self is discovering just how big of a blessing these people are who invest so deeply into my heart and life.

And I'm also trying to learn the importance of rest--my weekends are often filled with activities with friends now that it's become even harder for me to take time to rest and recover from work--so I'm trying to find balance, learning to say no when needed, and also saying yes to rest and naps.

You know what they say about April showers? Well, let's just say I'm eagerly awaiting those May flowers (and June summers, too!).

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