May 13, 2019


Last week was one of those weeks when Friday couldn't come sooner. Teachers everywhere know that the end of the year is typically just as crazy (if not crazier) than the beginning of the year when students are new and everyone is trying to get back into the swing of things.

Spring, however, brings about a whole new side of students--including preschoolers. The past few weeks have been pretty rough and it's left me exhausted and yearning for summertime. We went from rainy weather to hot summertime weather (think 80+ degrees) in a matter of weeks and the kids' behaviors have escalated with the temperature.

The little things continue to keep me going--the Teacher Appreciation goodies, the hugs from kids, the joy they get from popping bubbles, the weekends spent with friends outdoors, the friends who come in as special guests in the classroom, and the support from family and co-workers.

So if you're in a tough season like me, keep going. There will be a day when you look back at this season and find yourself grateful for all that it taught you and all the growth that resulted from it.

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