August 26, 2019


Dear August, are you coming to an end already? This has been one of the best, and yet most unexpected summers yet. The hopeless romantic in me hoped that this would be the season of love. And while it wasn't filled with dates and #relationshipgoal photos on Instagram, it was so incredibly full of love from my friends, family, and community.

One of the things I treasured most about this summer was the freedom to invest in those around me. In summers past, I was pretty introverted and solely hung out with a couple of friends and family. This summer, however, was full of so many other friendships, particularly with people I didn't ever see wanting to be friends with me. And honestly, these people are now my people. They know so much more about me, we have shared so much laughter and heartache, and we've all grown because of it.

And I say this not to brag, but to boast on God's faithfulness and provision. Community is something I longed for and prayed over for about a year. It took a lot of bravery, but it's been so worth it. These little steps have opened up doors and allowed me to practice the art of invitation as well (and yes, it is an art to invite others into life and risk rejection).

I've also been learning that community is something I seek and pray for with my next dating relationship. I want to date in community. I want other people to speak into who I date next (not to approve of them, but to be there to speak truth and a third-party perspective into both of our lives). To be honest, it makes my dating pool a bit smaller because I don't live in a very big town and the people I go to church with are mostly married already--but I have this feeling that the wait is going to be worth it.

Other than that, August included late season blueberry picking, seeing Lauren Daigle in concert with my mom and sister, beach-walking in sunny 70 degree weather (temps like that are unheard of over here), organizing curriculum, weekly dates with friends, dinner/coffee/walks with friends, a little bit of classroom time, baking zucchini cake, and enjoying my last days of sleeping in.

September is going to come quick--and it's going to go by pretty fast, too. The school-year routines will come back and you'll soon find me crawling out of bed when the sun is just coming up. And while I'm not looking forward to that, I am looking forward to being back at work and meeting the new kids--the most exciting thing for every teacher out there.

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