August 13, 2019


Savor this. Enjoy it. Slow down.

I see and hear these words often. So much so, that I'm pretty positive I’ve written posts using all three phrases as post titles, too. And yet, my mind, heart, and body, still have a hard time living them out. 

During my run this morning, I found myself behind some walkers on a very narrow, small path. Typically, I’d be okay with going off the path to pass people but today was different because I knew it was more important for me to walk and enjoy the slower pace than to run right by them. 

I turned down the volume on my podcast just a bit, slowed down even more to give myself more distance between myself and the people in front of me, and allowed myself the opportunity to take in all the cool fresh air from the tree covering above me. 

Sure, I was on a time crunch. But the slower pace was a mini reset, of sorts.

And a gentle reminder that it's okay--and it's actually necessary--to slow down. To soak up the present. To breathe in deep breaths. And to rest in the stillness.

It's an adjustment for those of us who are busybodies and live life in this fast-paced society, but in a world where everything is at our fingertips (or just a two-day delivery away), it's something we all need to do every now and then.

Or quite possibly, on a daily basis. 

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