September 30, 2019


Dear September,

September, you were expected, heartbreaking, yet so good to me. Thanks to budget cuts and new contracts, my co-workers and I started later than normal and I took that as a chance to soak up the last of summer vacation with friends and family. Girl's Night (tried wine for the first and last time, haha) with friends, hikes with loved ones, and morning runs past elementary schools with past parents/families and kids waving at me furiously.

Being back at work means waking up and running before the sun rises and I forgot how much I loved running in the peace and quiet of the early morning. Fewer cars zipping past me, fewer people to share the sidewalks, and a chance to make it holy ground, so to speak. I still blast worship music in my ears and use it as a time to pound on the pavement and talk to God.

I started seeing glimpses of fall within the first week of September. The sky looked warmer with the color changes in the leaves. The air felt crisper and cooler. And the rain started falling, too. I've pulled out my vest and jackets and rain boots and my scarves are anxiously awaiting their seasonal debut.

One of the highlights of this month was going on a solo hike to a familiar viewing spot. To be honest, I am not a solo hiker. I get easily spooked and with real cougar sightings lately, it's just not my cup of tea. But the weather was nice and this introvert needed some alone time with God. So I plugged into my podcasts and hiked up a big hill and just soaked up the sunshine and views. Watching the creamy golden grass waving in the breeze. Catching my breath on a bench that overlooks the city. And just sitting in silence was just what I needed to restart my worried heart.

I don't know what October holds, but I know there's more to come to this season. Fall is my favorite and I'm excited to see what God's got in store.

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