November 25, 2019


Dear November,

You've always been one of my favorite months, by far. For the past few years, Octobers have been extremely hard (not because of a certain date, but rather, just unforeseen changes, circumstances, or seasons that pop up in the tenth month of every calendar year). But Novembers hold holidays and shortened work weeks which give me the chance to rest (and recover from October and the beginning of the year crazies).

One of my favorite parts of November is the anticipation for the Christmas season. I pulled out Christmas music the first weekend of November which is by far, the earliest I have ever EVER done so. But it just felt so right, and it was. I also got to do a little Christmas shopping which mostly consisted of oohing and ahhing over the Christmas displays and looking at all of the cute ornaments, too.

It's been one of the driest falls ever, so I got to do some more solo hikes and I've found my favorite journaling spot (aka a bench) with the perfect view of the city, too. This month also included some hikes and time spent with dear friends, a long-awaited coffee date with a mentor and friend, community group bonding, and just finding joy again at church. Plus, the kids in my classroom have settled down and it's been nice to finally get a chance to play with them one-on-one and chase them around the playground, too.

And then there's Thanksgiving. My family does a get together with extended family every year and we've got the twinkle lights hanging and I'm excited to cover some folding tables with kraft paper (to doodle on with white gel pens!) and grabbing some flowers from Trader Joe's to add some color to our centerpieces.

November, you were splendid. And no matter what happens, I know December will be, too. 

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