November 4, 2019


Dear October,

So many thoughts, so many things learned this month. 

I was reading through last month's letter and didn't realize just how much I've learned and grown since this time last month. It's funny how we all too easily discredit the growth we make in a month's time.

This month was rougher than most. My heart hurt (not physically, but emotionally). I had a really hard transition back into work (the hardest yet). And just endured a lot of changes that I didn't necessarily see coming. It took me most of October to believe that while change is hard, it can also be good.

The end of October brought about a refreshed spirit. I've fallen in love with the kids in my classroom (as I always seem to do). I took a lot of time crying and writing to God (who always listens and answers). And I spent time listening to a lot of worship music (which always heals and restores my heart and soul).

Other things to note this month? Going to the pumpkin patch with preschoolers (not to mention running through a corn maze to catch the bus and pulling kids and their rain boots out of the sticky mud!). Shopping trips with my sisters and mom. Baking pumpkin coffee cake (always a winner). And going to bed earlier to carve out some reading time.

There's hope on the horizon. I can feel it. And I know God's working, even if/when I don't see it (yes, this song is a current fave of mine!).

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