November 11, 2019


One of things I'm most grateful about this fall was the opportunity to discover just how beautiful a solo hike can be. I've never been one to venture into the forest by myself (cougars are regularly spotted around here), but I was in desperate need of some alone time and I wanted to enjoy my favorite fall weather, so I ventured into the forest on a few of my weekends. And it was glorious. The oak leaves rustled and danced as they fell in the breeze, the air was crisp, and the sunshine on my back made it the perfect weather for short sleeves.

On one of my trips, I even brought along a journal and spent some time writing out lyrics to new songs (this album is sooooo all I've been listening to lately), journaling prayers, and reviewing sermon notes from Sundays past. 

I had to stake out a bench to sit on but the sunny weather gave me a chance to take some photos while I waited. I had a chance to sit in silence. Enjoy some much-needed alone time. Recharge from some draining weeks at work. And just rest. 

Sometimes I think I forget the importance of rest. Not just sleeping in, but true rest. Rest where I feel that my heart and soul are refreshed, whether it's time spent getting my hair done, hanging out and chatting with friends, or in this case, going on a solo hike. 

How do you take care of your heart and soul?

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