December 30, 2019


Dear December,

These past few weeks have been quiet, so to speak. And apparently, I needed a little hiatus from blogging. While it was completely unplanned and unintentional, it was just what I needed to process some things on my own and to just sit and reflect on 2019 before sharing it here on the world wide web.

Every December brings about a spirit of reflection and a time to remember and reminisce on the past 12 months. I think this December holds even more of that weight with the added end of a decade and newness and anticipation of what's to come in January.

I realize that one of the reasons why I strayed away from blogging this month was because I struggled with feeling proud of what happened in 2019. To be honest, this year was disappointing and confusing and just slow and quiet. It wasn't a year full of adventures (like last year) which made for little to nothing to write home about.

But while some things didn't pan out like I had hoped for, it was everything that I had asked for in January of last year. Back in January, my word(s) for the year were to let go and to let God. And that's exactly what God brought in 2019. I laugh now because if I had known how much mental and emotional unpacking this year would hold and how many doors would close this year, I never would have prayed over this phrase, but God knew. He knew what I needed and what I needed to learn and remind myself of as well.

2019 was a blessing in disguise. There was hurt and disappointment. But I can feel the air stirring with hope and life ahead. And sometimes, it's the quiet and slow seasons that are actually just preparing you for growth and even greater things ahead. 

p.s. December, thank you for Christmas lights and holiday goodies. Little hand prints on tiles (Christmas presents for parents). Caroling for seniors at my church. So many Christmas Eve services and worship team rehearsals. A new camera. Applications and new adventures. And for Jesus--truly the best gift of all.

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