March 23, 2020


In the midst of all the unknowns, here's what I'm clinging to: that we have to find the good and we also have to be the good, too. Life is short and precious and if there's anything I've learned in the past few years, it's that gratitude, faith, and joy take us a lot farther in life than worry, fears, and doubts.

So here's what my good list looks like this month:

  1. Laughing alongside fellow shoppers as we brave the long wait to buy groceries.
  2. Seeing other shoppers let people cut in line to buy a bag of baby wipes.
  3. Annie F. Downs' Spotify playlist titled Do Not Fear (that she opened up to her followers to add songs to and it accumulated thousands of songs in a matter of hours).
  4. Seeing so many churches livestream and share their sermons and worship services online with people all over the world.
  5. Hearing about restaurants that are offering free meals to kids while schools are closed.
  6. Checking on friends via text. 
  7. Sunshine and snowflakes in the same day.
  8. Having Trader Joe's employees wipe down a shopping cart for you.
  9. Sweet notes from student teachers.
  10. John Mark Comer's Bridgetown Daily podcast episodes.

What is something good you've seen/done lately?

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