April 13, 2020


This is Easter. On top of a hill, at my favorite place to practice solitude. I’m sitting on a bench, worship music streaming through my earbuds, and watching the robins hop around on the grass in front of me. There’s a soft breeze and the sound of birds singing in the forest. An airplane flies overhead.

It’s early enough that it’s still quiet out here and yet I know I’m not alone. This is where I meet with Jesus. Sometimes with a journal. Sometimes through tears. But many times just sitting and talking to Him. And it’s because of Easter that I celebrate the ability and opportunity I have to do just that. To meet with him because He is alive. He is risen. And He defeated the grave once and for all.

While our present circumstances try to tell me that these current events are not a time to celebrate, I know that deep down, this is when we need to celebrate most. This isn’t the end. This isn’t forever. There are better days ahead.

Happy Easter, friends. He is risen indeed.

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