July 3, 2020


Dear June,

As much as I missed not posting, I also knew that I needed a break from it all--a break from the internet and from the pressure of trying to stay up-to-date when I just felt so overwhelmed. It's been a rough few months, with a global pandemic and a social justice movement simultaneously taking place. My emotions have been all over the place as I try to listen and learn and also unlearn some of the things from my past. 

 And so I've taken a step back to evaluate and re-evaluate my priorities and values. I spent wayyyy more time outside. Way more time talking with my mom and sisters. Went on more hikes, un-followed people, and tried to scroll less and live more.

Overall, June was good. Hard, but good. Ending the school year with a graduation celebration on Zoom, doing a super long but fun car parade with co-workers (plus physically distanced dance parties in a cul-de-sac!), and finally entering into summer mode. 

I started off summer a little worried (but with hands open!) that I'd soon grow bored at home. But after some prayer and a text from church friends, I'm now a summer nanny and am learning to find activities for sisters to do of all ages (and personalities!). It's been challenging, but honestly a lot of fun, too. 

 All that aside, summer looks a lot different than normal. Sleeping in is now reserved for weekends but I'm still squeezing in lots of hikes with family, Disney+ and Netflix, sunshine, and time for baking and podcasts. 

 Here's to see what July holds!

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