October 26, 2020


A month into this school year and I feel like it's been a year. Part of me is holding my breath, wondering how long we'll be in-person before things get shut down. But so far, so good. And by the grace of God (His grace alone!), the kids have adjusted to our new routines and are now reminding me that they need to wash hands or get a squirt of hand sanitizer. 

October was a month of adjusting for myself as well. I cold-turkeyed social media and just stopped scrolling for a few weeks. And it quite honestly, the best decision I've made all year. I found myself jealous and depleted after using social media and felt this need to stay "caught up" on my IG stories (it sounds ridiculous, but it's true!). So I stopped. And I've had more energy, more time, and more joy in my life again. I've hopped on a few times here and there, but not for nearly as long and I've hopped off the second I felt my heart twitch with jealousy, comparison, or just feeling overwhelmed by politics and current events. It feels good to be in control of my phone and no longer feel controlled by it. 

More time allowed for physically distant (and masked!) walks with dear friends. Lots of baking. Sleeping in on weekends and cultivating my own version of Sabbath. Taking a step back from serving on multiple teams at church to rest. Weekend hikes with family and long walks with my sisters. Lots of podcasts and some time to read. And watching more Youtube (ha!). 

October was here and then it was gone and now we're heading into November -- which means learning how to celebrate the holiday season from a distant. It seems weird, but at the same time normal and it's been weird to accept that. November will come and go and then before we know it, 2020 will come to an end. And I have no idea what to expect from 2021!

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