March 29, 2021


Dear February and March, 

I can't believe I haven't written lately -- and yet, I can all at the same time. The past few months have been a whirlwind of sorts, life happening faster than the blink of an eye.

February included a Covid-friendly Valentine's week with the kids, exchanging store-bought Valentines cards (with the most popular design being chicken nuggets, of course). Kids handed out flowers to their family members and got to take home a little bag of cards as well. February was also a month of discipline, as I forgot and remembered, forgot and then remembered again to stay engaged and just AWAKE to life around me.

I got my first and second doses of the COVID vaccine in February and March and am grateful to have had the opportunity to get vaccinated because of my profession -- it's weird to think that this time last year, I was thinking about leaving the teaching field and now I've fully embraced that it's exactly where God has called me to be for the time being. 

March included Spring Break and a chance to soak up some sunshine. The birds are returning from a winter migration and there are flowers popping up and it's just so refreshing and rejuvenating to see signs of spring coming to life. The world is awakening and it's nice to see that the winter wasn't for nothing -- and that those dormant seasons in my own life aren't lived out in vain, but rather with purpose and a chance for rest and hidden growth. 

Aside from that, these past few months have included masked walks with friends, listening to this song on repeat, and watching the end of Schitt's Creek. It's weird to think that in a few short months, summer will be upon us again, but at the same time, this tired teacher is ready for a chance to give her dry hands a break from the constant sanitizing! 

Here's to new months, new seasons, and new mercies every morning. 

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