March 15, 2021


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As this little old blog ages, I sometimes wonder if there will ever be a day when I stop writing new content. Blogging has changed in so many ways over the past few years as more and more social media platforms emerge and people are more and more drawn to quicker ways of getting their information (reels, stories). Honestly, even Instagram and its ever-changing algorithm has me in a tailspin (not that I ever post on there, haha). 

There are days and moments when I just miss the days when blogging was a richer, livelier online community. When I would visit blogs on an almost-daily basis and when those blog comments turned into emails which turned into real-life friendships. I want those days back. 

But I can't bring back time and as I try to live more fully in the present, I've realized that while I can long for the old days, I also need to find what's good about TODAY. 

So I'm learning that there's grace in a slower posting pace. I no longer feel like I have to hustle to get content out and worry that content is "good enough" or "catchy" enough for clicks and views and comments.

I'm finding love in writing for myself, not for others. This blog is my own little space and I can afford to be picky and choosy and only post content that I want to, not for sponsored posts or anything like that (which I will still do and appreciate the opportunities when they arise but I no longer feel pressured to write for an audience as much as I write for own heart and catharsis). 

And I'm learning that it's okay to not be famous or popular. I've been writing on this blog for over ten years now and LOVE that it's something I've stuck with for so long. Content has changed, but so has the girl who writes the posts and it's been the sweetest way to document the little moments and read and reminisce on the mountaintops and valley lows in life.

So when will I call it quits? Honestly, I'm not sure. At this point, I don't know if I ever will totally call it quits because I love, love, love that this little space is cozy and mostly quiet and that it feels now more than ever a safe spot to share my thoughts and feelings. I love that it's small and not well-known. I love that it's alive, so to speak, in that hitting publish put it out into the world. 

But you know what I love most? That it's become a place where I can share my life with lovely people like YOU. 

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