July 6, 2021


Dear June,

You actually felt more like a work-month than a beginning-of-summer month, but that's to be expected when one signs up to be the director/teacher for summer school, right? To be honest, I'm super pumped and excited to have some of my prekinders coming back to the classroom for some more time together before they officially fly off to elementary school. We parted ways after graduation not knowing if summer school would actually happen so I'm excited that our goodbyes really ended up being see you laters. 

June had some super hot days for the PNW (think 110+ degree weather!) and that shocked us all, including our Texas rescue dog who much prefers the cooler weather the PNW typically provides. She was eager to go walking but when we took her out for a short (round the block) walk, she quickly decided the AC is where it's at. And we couldn't agree more. 

I spent June catching up on professional development and recertification tests for work. Lots of sunshine to work on my tan, weekend day trips and hikes, and even some days of sleeping in. I also did snuck in some baking (despite the hot weather) and snuck some berry tasting in anticipation of berry season officially starting in our backyard. 

June was short and fast. Quick and sweet. Hot and cold. But oh, so good. 

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