September 1, 2021


Dear July (and August), 

There were so many good things--so many sweet moments--that outweighed all of the heat, the smoke, and the busyness.

Teaching my dog to eat sliced watermelon. Pulling out my camera to take photos of my friends' furry pups. Weekend hikes. Quick road trips to visit family. Making playlists for said road trip. Buying cute toys for the classroom. Having water balloon fights with the preschoolers. Making ice cream with the preschoolers. Finishing summer school. Taking naps. Eating Indian pizza. And wearing shorts all day, every day. 

Summer came and went in the blink of an eye and now I'm here trying to soak up these last few days before heading back into the classroom to prepare for a new year with lots of questions and uncertainties about how school will unfold in the coming months/year with this ongoing pandemic. 

Sweet, sweet summer you did me well. And I'm grateful that even though it was quieter, it was still full. 

Here's to September! 

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