October 25, 2021


Dear September and October, 

What a doozy of a start to a school year. I was so excited to start this year, invigorated after a great summer session of school and ready to start the year off strong. I was hit with a bunch of humility and exhaustion with the demands and the effects this pandemic has done for the kids in my class. They're so young and so many of them only know life with masks and hand sanitizer. They've been robbed of a childhood and it's been hard to see the social and emotional toll it's placed on them as they learn to live and interact with others their age in a classroom away from their grownups. 

 All that to say, it's been really exhausting on me and every other teacher/school staff I know. If you know a teacher, this is your sign to reach out to them, Venmo them coffee money, or hug them if you can! 

Weekends these past few months have been a welcome sight and chance to recharge. I've had the pleasure of doing some photo sessions with friends and it's been a fun way to creatively challenge me and give me an extra excuse to see them as well. 

Aside from that, I've been doing church from home in the quiet of my room; baking pear and apple cakes/pies; sleeping in; watching Glee for the first time; and hiking on Sunday mornings. My weekends are a lot slower than they used to be and in this season, I know that it's a gift and something that God has given to me for a reason. 

Rest is necessary and it's good. I know that the holiday season is quickly approaching, but I'm soaking up these last few sunny days where the air is crisp and cool and the leaves are warm and bright.

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