December 31, 2021


Dear November and December,

And just like that, holidays are over and it's almost time to go back to work. For lack of a better word, this break has been so needed. It's been a really rough year and it honestly took me a lot of time to process and just feel all of the emotions. I've needed these past couple weeks to decompress, to sleep, and to let go of the pain and the drama and the hurt that I've encountered this year. 

I've had the chance to go on walks with friends. Sleep in. Make mini pies with the littles. Work on jigsaw puzzles. Try new recipes (this one is just as good as it sounds!). Look at Christmas lights. Decorate gingerbread cookies. Journal. Spend time with family. Watch holiday movies. And enjoy the snow. I wasn't expecting snow, let alone nearly a foot of snow and it was such a welcome sight, especially since I didn't have to drive in it and get to work. We bunkered down and stayed warm and cozy and had plenty of walks with the pup to watch the snow fall. 

December, I'm really grateful for ya. You've been the calm to my storm this year. You've allowed me to reflect and find grace and gratitude for this year. And it's brought hope for the year to come. 

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