February 28, 2022


Dear February,  

This month flew by -- I feel like I blinked and this month was over. 2022 has been a wild ride so far and it's a humble reminder that I'm not in control. And it's true, because I'm not. Trying to plan out every little thing or trying to hold onto the bits and pieces of what I do have control over is my feeble attempt to make sense of what is going on in this world. 

The pandemic is yet another reminder that I will never be in control and that there's freedom in surrender. 

It's been awhile since I've written about my faith -- it's something that I used to share about so openly and freely here -- but now it's something that's been kept inside me. Something that I feel is more and more private as I try to audit what I believe and who I am. 

But I'm eager to move on from past pain and to grow and feel freedom once again. I am eager for spring, too, as it is a visual reminder that new life begins again after long cold winters.

I am ready and excited to enjoy the little things. To grow new roots. To open the Bible again. To somehow in someway meet new people and build a new community. To find joy and adventure and life. It feels like a new year, but I'm excited to turn the page on a new month.

February held some dark moments. But the mornings grew lighter, the evenings a little longer. And as I prayed for hope, I found it. In the little things like hugs from kids and returning to in-person teaching. To re-watching Alias with my mom. To weekly hikes, despite the cold and rain. And for cookies -- because life is better with treats. 

March, I'm ready for ya. I'm hopeful to find new reasons to laugh and to cry and to move out of this season and into the next, whatever it holds.

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