February 6, 2022


Dear January,

I saw some meme online last month that said that 2022 was like 2020 (round) 2. And when I read that, I laughed but hoped that wouldn't be the case. 

January had its fill of ups and down. And I think it sometimes takes a new year or new calendar to remind us just how much we've all been through over the past two-ish years. We've endured a lot. And the last thing I want to do is minimize anyone else's experience through this pandemic, including mine. 

We're on the fourth week of remote learning and it's not exactly the start to the year I was hoping for. But in an effort to embrace every season, I'm finding some sweetness in the bittersweet. With more time during the workday, I've been leaving work at work (which is nearly impossible!), sleeping in a little longer, going on longer morning runs and walks, cooking more, eating warm lunches, and going to the bathroom when I want to (that's the biggest luxury). It always takes me a bit of time to adjust to different schedules and routines and while I wasn't the most eager to adapt to this one, there are some positives to this change. 

Aside from that, I've nearly teared up every single time I watch/listen/sing along to worship music. It's brought so many tears to hear music that holds so many memories, past prayers, and some pain. It's been healing to cry when I read and sing through each lyric and a gentle reminder of who He is in all of this. I've been trying to be gentler with myself in this journey and part of that has been accepting all of my emotions -- the good and the bad. 

January was also filled with stocking up on masks, flowers from grateful parents, lots of (negative) tests, catching the sunrise, dancing on Zoom with the littles, the last bit of snow, lots of jigsaw puzzles, baking, foggy hikes, and buying myself an inflatable unicorn costume (best decision ever) to match my co-teachers. 

If January has taught me anything, it's that there's a lot of sweetness in the little things. 

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