April 3, 2022


Dear March,

Sneak peeks of Spring popped up all throughout the month. We had sunny days, warmer weather, and blue skies made a consistent appearance a few days each week. The daffodils seemed to pop up all over town and the kids went from collecting worms on the ground to roly-polys in the garden beds. 

I remember counting down the weeks and days until Spring Break and then it felt like that break was over in a blink of the eye. I spent the week lesson-planning, watching Glee, taking photos of the cherry and plum blossoms outside, exploring a nearby city and the forest, and spending a day at the ocean. It was a week that my heart needed to rest. 

This school year has taught me the importance of rest and how much I need it. In my profession, breaks just aren't always guaranteed and there are many days when I have to scarf down lunch in under ten minutes. It's not a feat I'm proud of, but a skill I quickly learned for my own survival. 

The older I get, I realize just how much my body physically needs a chance to rest. To take off my face mask in my office, take a sip gulp of water, and breathe. Sometimes that looks like reading emails. Other times, I'll scroll through social media. But I need it so I can be my best in the classroom.

Other than that, March put my allergies on blast and they only seem to get worse as I get older. Itchy eyes. Sneezing. Congestion. The whole works. And it's not any more encouraging to see the waves of pollen fly through the air, either. 

Let's just say, I'm looking forward to the rest of Spring. Ready for gardening and watching caterpillars metamorphosize with the littles. Going for runs in the daylight again. Wearing my favorite floral tops. And making plans for the summer. 


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