July 18, 2022


It's pretty rare that my entire family can gather and travel together. We piled into the car and road-tripped a few hours away to the mountains -- and it was just the break we all needed.

I'm a big fan of being a tourist in your own area and sometimes just taking time away from home can be the refreshment that you need. It was the mini summer vacation I needed to transition between jobs, enjoy and soak up some sunshine, get outside, and watch the sun rise and set every evening over the hills, listening to the rumble of the trains below. 

We went on long hikes, got food from delicious taco trucks, worked on jigsaw puzzles late into the night, and work up early again to the sun rising in the breaks of the curtains. We Googled the best restaurants to try in the area and checked off places we'd longed to try for years (thanks to Instagram for the drool-worthy recs!). The evenings were spent watching sunsets and taking way too many photos. The days included playing Wordle together around the lunch table. It was slow-paced and yet filled with adventures. 

Someone recently told me they were surprised I wasn't one of those people that desired big-city life. And while I love a good adventure, I don't think that adventure or traveling is decided upon how far away it is or the mode of transportation you take to get there. Sometimes adventures and traveling just means exploring the beautiful state you already call home.

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