August 1, 2022


Dear July,

I was talking to some friends about my career change and the one phrase I kept coming back to was that it feels like I can finally exhale. After the past 2+ years of the pandemic, I have felt like I was holding my breath, waiting for the next egg to drop, so to speak. 

It's been such a respite in this new job, getting to work from home, getting to take long morning walks before I start my day, getting to end the day and actually leave work for work hours. But I have also felt an immense guilt for leaving a profession I thought I'd be in forever, guilty for leaving the teaching profession in the middle of a crisis situation (not specific to my school, but to schools in general). 

All that aside, I am taking it day by day. The biggest adjustment has been learning to slow down and take time to breathe. I have been learning how to navigate patience in the research stage of information gathering. Learning to pull my shoulders back for better posture at my standing desk. Finding ways to work in the dark when it's too hot. But also finding the sweetness in getting to wear dresses to work, even if I'm just staying at home (it's hard to do when you're teaching and up and down on the classroom floor for most of the day). And the added bonus of getting to hang out with my pup all day and eating warm lunches, too. 

Aside from that, July held moments for catching up with friends on walks and hikes, getting in front of the camera when filming curriculum with friends, having a weekend with no agenda (my absolute favorite), lots and lots of reading (this was a fun summer read), grilling veggies with some surprisingly hot jalapenos, watching Emmanuel the Emu and Love is Blind, and listening to this  on audiobook during my morning walks (Audible is my new fave!). 

I'm hoping August provides some cooler weather (end of August is my fave as the sunsets feel so warm and on the cusp of autumn), creating some more weekend adventures, and more opportunities to enjoy and embrace the season I'm in.

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