September 18, 2022


Dear August, 

I'm calling this the month of courage. I'm sure you could guess, but I'm a play-it-safe kind of person. I cross in crosswalks, walk with scissors, and don't ride in elevators (that one's more of an irrational fear, let's be honest). 

I grew up believing that I had to play it safe out of fear of getting in trouble. So I've lived a comfortable life. Which isn't a bad thing, but I also can see that I've missed out on opportunities because of it. 

And now that I feel like I'm in a healthier and more stable spot, I am choosing to invest in myself. I know that these kinds of things feel mundane or insignificant, but for me, it's huge steps of courage to choose myself and prioritize my needs (which is something I've been neglecting). 

So I've made much-needed and overdue appointments for myself. Started therapy. Painted my nails. Went on a first date (gahhhh, so rusty). Pushed myself to run faster miles. Listened to podcasts and audiobooks. Took naps without feeling guilty. Looked at myself in the mirror and loved the reflection I saw looking back at me. 

It's the little things, the small investments, that I know will lead me to making progress and growth for the long-run. 

I've lost a lot over the past couple years and have gone through a lot of transformation and discovery. It feels like I'm just now figuring out who I am and it's such a strange but freeing feeling to be in this space. 

I feel grateful to have learned from who I was and even more grateful to see where I'm headed. 

September, I'm ready for ya. 

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