October 30, 2022



Dear October, 

It was hard to believe it was fall when the sun was shining and the skies were so smoky (wildfires are no joke). I would have assumed it was still August or early September based on my attire as well (shorts in late October in the Pacific Northwest?).

It wasn't until the very end of October when the rain came and the cool air came at night and lasted through mid-morning. I got to pull out some sweater and cardigans but my boots and pullover sweaters are still anxiously awaiting their debut. I'm sure I'll complain about the weather again once it's raining non-stop, but it's just made for a very non-fall fall this year.

Aside from the weather, October held opportunities for networking. I presented twice at my first-ever conference and while it felt scary beforehand, I found myself loving every second of it once I got started. This introvert over here still loves teaching and even though I wasn't singing and dancing to Dance Monkey or the Frozen soundtrack, I was still able to channel my inner-child by providing adult coloring books and candy during the sessions I co-facilitated. 

And if you're concerned I'm turning into an extrovert, don't you worry. I still enjoyed my lunches outside by myself in the sunshine. I needed some down time to recharge and was oh so grateful for a little break away from networking. 

After that conference, I took a mini-vacation to go hiking and explore more of the PNW. It was just what I needed and it made it even harder to return back to work after a long weekend away. 

It felt very weird to take time away from work during the school year but it was a reminder that life seasons change and that I can use vacation time (which I didn't have as a teacher during September-June) to recharge and refuel and enjoy. I felt guilty at first, but after taking a Friday off, I know that it's something I hope to continue to do in the months/years to come. 

Aside from that, October included flu shots and COVID boosters, rebranding my photography, photo shoots and collaborations, time hiking with friends, all things pumpkin from Trader Joe's, re-organizing my ever-growing children's book collection, afternoon dog walks, and learning how to play poker.

October was full and I'm ready to see what November brings next. 

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